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Natal training specialist

Calling all moms! 

Working with our pre-natal and post-natal specialist will provide you with the confidence and support you need to maintain and improve your fitness before, during, and after pregnancy.


See below to meet our specialist Marla and view the booking and scheduling table.

Our Brand

At Studio One we offer our prices upfront, without commitments or contracts, so you are informed before you come in for your initial consultation. We work to help all of our clients progress towards their health and wellness goals in a way that fits well into their lifestyle.

“Fitness has been part of my lifestyle for as long as I can remember, as much for my mental wellbeing as physical. When I became aware I was pregnant, so many questions arose about the fitness limitations I would face and internet searches only confused things further. I decided to listen to my body and managed to stay active, with very few of pregnancy’s aches and pains, until my 39th week. In the end, I delivered a happy and healthy baby. Post birth, other women at the gym were continually approaching me and asking for guidance on how to navigate their journey through pregnancy and fitness. That is when my quest for real answers began. I made the decision to become certified in personal training with a specialization in pre and post natal fitness because I hope to empower women to stay fit during pregnancy, as well as recover quickly and return to exercise safely after birth. As mothers we spend countless hours caring for our children, let’s make self-care just as important.”

– Marla Tonon-Cloutier, Certified Personal Trainer, Specialty: Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Friends Session

What is a “Friends Session” you ask?

A Friends Session is for anyone who would like to bring in a friend to do a session, or multiple sessions, together. We simply split the price down the middle, so you can spend some extra time with one of your pals while also getting fit and saving some money.

With Marla

With Marla

With Marla

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