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Online Coaching

If you can’t train with us in person, no worries we’ve got the solution!

Our Online Coaching Program provides you with:

  • a custom fitness program; getting you fit!
  • a personal support system; keeping you motivated!
  • the knowledge of a personal trainer; for a fraction of the cost!

Our easy-to-use mobile app lets you access your custom workouts, go through them step-by-step, watch demo videos, and track your progress all in one spot. Our Online Coaching is like having our professional trainers with you everywhere you go!

We want to help you:
✓  lose body fat… and keep it off!
✓  get stronger… and feel stronger!
✓  improve your energy… to feel the best you’ve ever felt!

Here’s How it Works

1. After you contact us to let us know you’re interested in our online coaching program, you’ll get a questionnaire from us in your email. Fill it out as best you can and submit. If you don’t see it within a six hours, please check your spam folder.

2. We will immediately start building out your training program and have it available to you within 36 hours. Guaranteed!

3. Once we have finished creating your training program, we will send you an email with a link to download our coaching app onto your phone. Downloading the app takes seconds.

4. Then you will be able to sign in and access your workouts right away!

Our Online Coaching Promises Fun, Goal-Oriented Workouts

Our easy-to-use mobile app, called Trainerize and available on iOS and Android, presents the workouts to you with demonstration videos for every exercise in your program. It provides tracking capabilities so you can see your efforts and improvement in real-time, and has in-app messaging for quick and easy communication with us.

Here's what it will look like when you do your custom workout.

Here’s an idea of what your program and the App dashboard will look like.

Here’s how your calendar of scheduled workouts appears.

Here’s what our online coaching plan includes

Our online coaching costs 75$ for FOUR weeks of ONE-on-ONE online coaching with us. This is an entirely custom training program designed with workouts suited to both your short and long-term goals!

  • Custom Training Program – for gym, home, and/or outside
  •  Weekly Check-ins and Program Adjustments
  •  7 Days a Week Email Communication

To sign up for online coaching please contact us.

At Studio One, we firmly believe that individuals of all ages and skill ranges can benefit from a dedicated strength and conditioning program; both through the physical training itself and through learning about the tools needed to lead a long, healthy life.

It’s never too late to get in shape. Join us!

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